Tips and Products for Thicker, Fuller Hair:

So you have fine hair and feel so frustrated you’re ready to pull it out? I know the feeling. Although hair for hair, I have as many as almost anyone, my texture is almost baby fine. However, what works for fine hair usually works for thin hair, and vice versa. Over the years I’ve managed to texturize and plump up my hair with a great deal of research, expense, and trial and error, so let me save you some trouble:
Let’s start with the basics. The first thing you must remember is to prevent damage at all costs, and fine hair is easily damaged and extremely porous. One trick to thicker hair is to help it regenerate faster than it is broken or frazzled with split ends.
** Never bunch up or scrub your hair with a towel to dry. This is extremely damaging. Just blot and scrunch your hair gently with a towel. Most importantly, never brush wet hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to smooth it as gently as possible without any pulling or tugging. If you have tangles that require you to pull your hair as you comb, you may need to alter your shampooing methods or experiment with different conditioners. It may also help to comb conditioner through your hair with a wide-toothed comb before you rinse it out.
** Use a deep conditioner (or a home-made soak such as coconut oil, hemp seed oil or heated olive oil) at least once a week whenever possible.

** Do not try to style hair that is wet, because that is when your hair is most elastic and prone to breakage. It’s a waste of time as well, because hair can’t hold a style until it is just barely damp. Don’t style by pulling and stretching your hair; always be as gentle as possible.
With that knowledge absorbed, you’ve already made a big step. But it’s not enough. Fine hair demands more to look good, and that’s where the products come in. Additionally, you may want to consider a permanent or hair color to add volume and texture, but never both! Fine hair is too easily damaged and you’ll wind up with brittle, frizzy, hay-like hair. Get your hair in good condition, have the ends trimmed every couple of months (or as needed), and then you can perm or color. If you opt for a perm, remember that it takes up some hair length as it adds volume, so you may want to let your hair grow a bit longer first.

List of Products I highly recommend:
** Samy Fat Hair Shampoo
** OGX Thick & Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo
** Loreal Elvive Volume Filler Thickening Conditioner
** Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Conditioner
** Got2Be Fat-Tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse
** Samy Volumizing Mousse
** Pantene Volume Root Lifting Spray Gel
** TRESemme Big Boost Root Lift Spray (if you can find it)
** Aussie Aussome Volume Texturizing Gel (if you need a gel)

** Sunsilk Anti-Flat Shampoo (May be discontinued...)

Additionally, take care of your hair from the inside out by getting all your vitamins and minerals to make it stronger and promote growth.
One trick I’ve found and stuck with is to soak my hair in warm coconut oil. Apply to dry hair, let sit about 15-20 minutes, wet with a little warm water and massage thoroughly into scalp (scalp massage also promotes hair growth). Shampoo this out, but try not to remove all the residue because leaving a little will add extreme shine and texture to your hair, eliminate the need to condition, and provide a protective barrier that will make hair stronger. Or add a little coconut oil directly to your clean hair by determining the right amount for you, warming it in your hands, and applying evenly, focusing on the ends.
Best wishes for your fine-ally thick hair!