Ways to Grow Back Thinning and Balding Hair

(List of ways to grow back lost hair with easy, affordable methods that really work.)
Do you notice more hair clinging to your brush and in the shower drain lately? Or have you found a spot on your head that is no longer quite covered by hair? The following methods, either one alone or using several in conjunction, have worked for many to re-grow healthy, thick, lustrous hair. While some of these methods may sound a bit unusual, they may be beneficial to you as well.

Increase your daily intake of the following vitamins and minerals:
Iodine (Potassium Iodide or Sea Kelp), Sodium ascorbate (an alkaline form of vitamin C; about 1000 mg.), Calcium (1,200 mg), Biotin (5,000 mcg), Horsetail, and MSM (a natural source of sulfur).

Herbs and foods:
All protein and calcium rich foods, sage, rosemary, gelatin, and pectin (an acidic extract taken from the rinds of citrus fruits and apples).
EVCO (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) applied sparingly to hair (also great as a pre-wash hair and scalp soak, applied liberally.) Taken internally EVCO is also an efficient promoter of hair growth.
Scalp massage (massage scalp in a circular motion to increase circulation, using the fingertips and never the fingernails). Inversion Therapy is also helpful for hair loss due to poor circulation.

Use French Shampoo: Rene Furterer Astera Soothing Milk Shampoo. Users reported sprouting new hairs in as little as a week. In two months most reported thicker hair with bald spots almost completely covered.

*Original Dawn dishwashing liquid (used as shampoo).
*Borax (to wash hair, typically about one tablespoon mixed with water), (also helps cure scalp problems).
*Stinging Nettle hair wash (boil some fresh or dried Nettle leaves for a short time, and use as a hair rinse).
*Apple Cider Vinegar diluted into final rinse after washing; also makes hair shine.
*Use pure crude oil to as a hair soak.
*Eucalyptus Oil (apply to balding spots)

Baking soda and lemon taken internally for thinning hair (two tablespoon lemon plus one-half teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day, preferably three times a day).

For aging hair: using a soft brush such as a boar bristle brush, bend forward at the waist and brush your hair toward the floor. Do not push brush into the scalp but just start at the scalp and brush to the tips. Use your other hand to hold the hair against the brush. When you have all the hair brushed well in this direction, stand straight and push the brush against the scalp while brushing your hair towards the back and sides of the head with constant pressure on the brush until all the hair all brushed well. As we age, the hair loses the ability to hold an enzyme found on the scalp. This method helps the production and distribution of this enzyme and increases circulation.

For male pattern balding, take Saw Palmetto (increased dosage- two capsules in the morning and two again in the evening.) This may help females also, but saw palmetto can cause side effects. DHA blocking hair products may be a better choice.

Eating soy is said to be very good, BUT it can affect estrogen adversely, causing other problems. Also, most soy now is GMO, so be sure your soy is organic if you choose to consume.

What works best for me is 1.Taking a prenatal vitamin 2. Super B complex 3. Hydrolyzed collagen protein 4. A healthy diet and being gentle with hair 5. Keeping hormones balanced with DIM supplement, and other measures (articles to come).